Keio Participants


There are 10 types of student-organized booths at Mitasai:

  • 1.Classroom Performances

    Diverse student organizations such as dance clubs, Japanese comedy clubs, A cappella clubs, drama clubs, movie clubs, rakugo clubs, magic clubs etc. will perform in classrooms.

  • 2.Classroom Cafes

    Student organizations will sell snacks and drinks. For example, at a piano club’s booth, you can enjoy a cup of coffee while listening to them play.

  • 3.Outdoor Performances

    There are some street performances by unique student organizations, such as the wrestling and boxing club; their humorous shows are popular every year.

  • 4.Keio Univ. Seminar Exhibits

    Keio University, one of Japan’s most prestigious private universities, has many interesting and high-level seminars.

  • 5.Indoor concerts

    Numerous bands, orchestras, and dance clubs will perform in classrooms.

  • 6.Classroom Exhibits

    A variety of student organizations, such as study groups, academic clubs, and art clubs will exhibit their works in classrooms.

  • 7.Lectures

    Mitasai invites celebrities, politicians, etc. for speeches in Keio University’s halls. The presentations are about various fields such as economics, media, anime, etc.
    *Lectures will be held in Japanese.

  • 8.Mini stage performances

    A mini stage is based in front of the West building. Numerous student bands, dance clubs, etc. perform here.

  • 9.Outdoor booths (“mogiten”)

    Every Japanese school festival has outdoor booths called “mogiten”, which usually sells snacks and beverages. Many student clubs take part every year.

  • 10.Main stage performances

    The main stage is the most popular place throughout the four-day-long Mitasai. Each year, dance clubs, bands, Japanese comedy clubs, Japanese student idol groups, chorus clubs, etc. participate. On the last day, the final event of typical Japanese school festivals called “Koyasai” takes place here, concluding the 4-day festival with a stage created by the most popular performance groups in Keio University.