Environmental Initiatives

We care

The Mitasai Committee is working on numerous projects in order to improve the university campus’s environment. This page will share some of our environmental initiatives.


Since Mitasai has over 200K visitors, the large amount of garbage is separated into 10 different bins for efficient recycling.
The 10 divisions are “recyclable trays”, “cans”, “glass bottles”, “plastic bottles”, “water bottle caps”, “combustible waste”, “non-combustible garbage”, “disposable chopsticks”, “flyers and magazines”, and “leftovers”. Keio participants and food booths participate as well.
We ask all visitors to kindly spare your time and cooperate with our recycling program.

Eco-candle Workshop 2018

The 60th Mitasai Committee would like to invite visitors to our project, “Eco-candle Workshop 2018”. At the workshop, visitors will make handmade candles out of waste oil to take home. Feel free to stop by and participate!

Date 11/23(Fri.), 24(Sat.)
Time 11:00~17:00
Place West building classroom 523B

※service acceptance end time @16:45

Oil Recycling

Every year, Mitasai participates in Tokyo Yuden Corporations’ project, “Campus Yuden”. This project collects waste oil from universities in Tokyo and recycles them into Vegetable Diesel Fuel (VDF). The recycled oil is then used at universities to run speakers and lighting.
The 60th Mitasai will participate in this project in order to reduce environmental damage.

Disposable chopsticks / wooden materials / trays

Every year, Mitasai’s food booths dispose a dump truck load’s worth of wooden chopsticks and wooden materials. Thus, we cooperate with vendors and recycle the garbage into wooden particle boards. Furthermore, since the food booths use large amounts of trays, we purchase eco-friendly trays in order to reuse our garbage as much as possible.

Our message

As listed above, the 60th Mitasai Committee is working on numerous environmental initiatives. However, our projects will not come into effect without our visitor’s support. We look forward to your understanding and cooperation with our eco-friendly projects.