About “Mitasai”

What is “Mitasai”?

Recognized as one of the largest Japan has to offer, “Mitasai” is Keio University’s annual school festival. It is a 4-day long event held every November at Mita Campus.


Date 2018/11/22(Thurs.) ~25(Sun.)
Time 10:00~18:00
Place Keio University Mita Campus
Organizer 60th Mitasai Committee
Visitors Around 200K people
(Keio students)
420+ organizations

※Statistics based on last year’s festival.

About Our Logo

Mitasai, marking its milestone this November, the logo expresses our pride and esteem towards our long history, while reflecting our determination to constantly seek for innovation.

Red symbolizes “tradition”, for it is the color of the Japanese happi coat (a uniform usually worn at Japanese traditional festivals or matsuri), as well as a key color of Keio University’s tricolored flag. Turquoise blue symbolizes “innovation”, as it illustrates the energy and freshness of youth.

The two circles form the number 60, and one may notice that the shadows form the kanji character for three (三 -san-), which represents “Mita” (三田). The logo as a whole seems as though it is soaring upwards, indicating our mission to never fear change and constantly progress.

The bulky round structure depicts the vibrant, cheerful atmosphere of Japanese school festivals.